Service Profile

  • Taylor made solutions for the Oil & Gas industry
  • Focused on overall support services
  • Project managment for on & off shore logistics
  • Maritime Agency and Port Operations
    Port, Protective and Husbanding Agent for Rigs, Seismic Vessels and all sort of Supply vessels.  Pilotage, stevedoring and handling for general, project & HL Cargoes.
  • Logistics Management - Turn Key Projects
   Organize fleet movement, gathering materials and equipment to handle them under a project management structure within defined scope, time, and cost constraints.
  • Campsite and Operation bases
   Design, construction and assembling of fixed & mobile campsites, offices, accommodation modules, etc. Campsite administration and operation, waste removal.
  • Freight Services - Air, Sea and Land
   International and Local transportation and logistics coordination for all kind of cargoes and equipment, including hazardous and radioactive materials.

Operations Highlights